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Welcome to Indy's Kitchen Website!


Have a food business idea?

We would love to welcome you as a member of Indy's Kitchen!

Step 1 : Complete the Membership Application on the Sidebar.

Step 2: We will contact you to make an appointment to tour the kitchen. We'll explain how we work and give you the Rental Agreement to take with you.

Step 3: You return the Rental Agreement with the $200 membership fee.

Step 4: We'll give you the contact information for the Marion County Health Department and give you information about how to obtain your insurance.

As a member of the kitchen: You'll have access to the kitchen 24/7. We will hellp with social media postings and add your information to our list of Entrepreneurs. You will have access to the dining room for tastings or employee meetings.

If you have a product that people rave about and you're ready to start a food business, we would love to be part of your journey. You'll find the support you need at Indy's Kitchen! We look forward to hearing your business idea.

Linda Gilkerson, Owner/Manager
2442 North Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Want to rent the kitchen and/or dining room for one-time?

We would love to host your cooking party or special event. Give us a call or email and we'll send you our Special Event Agreement.

Special Events Pricing

Dining Room Only $50/hour

One Kitchen Only $36/hour

One Kitchen and Dining Room
3 Hours = $185
4 Hours = $245
5 Hours = $280
6 Hours = $315
Two Kitchens and Dining Room
3 Hours = $225
4 Hours = $315
5 Hours = $370
6 Hours = $425

New - Cooking Classes Offered!

Chef Jenny Fox is excited to bring you Cooking with Chef Jenny at Indy's Kitchen! Fire up your fiesta or create amazing crepes; bring multicultural flair to your dining room table during Jenny's international theme nights. Learn the foundations of cooking used by master chefs to tackle any recipe with confidence and skill.  Jenny Fox, personal chef with years experience, will share her wealth of knowledge to equip you to plan delicious, exciting meals for any occasion.  Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, find a fun social activity, or take your cooking to the next level, Cooking with Chef Jenny has something for anyone.