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Welcome to Indy's Kitchen Website!


Indy's Kitchen was created in 2010 for food Entrepreneurs
to start and grow their food businesses.

We provide fully equipped commercial kitchens, business training for food Entrepreneurs, and assistance to find
markets for their products.

Indy's Kitchen fosters a community of like-minded people who celebrate and support each other's business ownership goals.

We would love to welcome you as a member of Indy's Kitchen!

The first step: Complete the Membership Application on the Sidebar. We will contact you to discuss your business goals and explain how the kitchen works. If you decide the kitchen is a good fit for you, we'll give you the Rental Agreement.

Next: You return the Rental Agreement with the $200 membership fee. Then the real work begins. We'll help you get licensed with the Health Department and obtain your insurance. We'll work together to create an Action Plan for your first few months in business and meet with you weekly to monitor your progress.

As a member of the kitchen: You'll have access to the kitchen 24/7. We will hellp with social media postings and add your information to our list of Entrepreneurs. You will have access to the dining room for tastings or employee meetings. You'll be encouraged to attend monthly meetings with topics of interest to our business owners.

If you have a product that people rave about and you want to start a food business, we would love to be part of your journey. You'll find the support you need at Indy's Kitchen! We look forward to hearing your business idea.

Linda Gilkerson, Owner/Manager
Marla Tate, Kitchen Manager
2442 North Central Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205