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Sharing our customers' stories......

In 2011 my wife Katie and I went to St. George Island FL for vacation.  We started talking about a business that we could start. Our first idea was a tenderloin truck but decided that would cost too much and be outside our budget.  I’ve always loved pretzels and we figured a pretzel truck would work better with the amount of money we had to invest. We started in October before Super Bowl.  We had customers from the beginning. It helped that there was already a Taco truck that worked in Broad Ripple. But it also helped that we were one of the first trucks out there.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a weatherman. I grew up in Rushville IN and watched lots of storms with my Dad. That is such a good memory of my childhood. I really have always wanted to be self-employed.  I had been stuck in the same groove forever. I was ready to make a change. Now I can’t remember my life before pretzels.

The hardest part of starting this business was getting the recipes just right. We started with Recipe A and went through Recipe Q before we got it right. We make our own hand-made pretzels. Our next step is to wholesale them. We’ve had requests but haven’t been in a position to make that happen.

I’m motivated by our customers. They give me purpose.  It makes me happy to see the same people over and over and to make them happy with the food they’ve purchased from us. I tell business owners that when Der Pretzel Wagen shows up to their work site it increases morale by 975%.

My very favorite thing to do in my personal time is to spend time with my family. That’s the best thing – my two boys and my wife.

Hell yea, I’d do it again! It’s been a blast! I’ve gotten used to sleeping with one eye open and the business never completely leaving my mind.

New - Cooking Classes Offered!

Chef Jenny Fox is excited to bring you Cooking with Chef Jenny at Indy's Kitchen! Fire up your fiesta or create amazing crepes; bring multicultural flair to your dining room table during Jenny's international theme nights. Learn the foundations of cooking used by master chefs to tackle any recipe with confidence and skill.  Jenny Fox, personal chef with years experience, will share her wealth of knowledge to equip you to plan delicious, exciting meals for any occasion.  Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, find a fun social activity, or take your cooking to the next level, Cooking with Chef Jenny has something for anyone.


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