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Indy’s Kitchen offers a fully equipped, commercially licensed shared-use kitchen for rent by the hour. If you want to start a food business, our kitchen will lower your risk and minimize your start-up costs. If you want to grow your food business, we can offer you an hourly rate so that you only pay for the  kitchen time you need.  Using Indy’s Kitchen will also allow you to create a reasonable business plan and grow at your own pace. We want to help you reach your goals. And, we understand your goal may be to have your own kitchen someday.

If you want to educate people about food, Indy’s Kitchen offers space for the community to gather to learn about food preparation and healthy eating.  In addition to the kitchen, we have table seating available for up to 30 people.

If you want to create a social get-together for a group to cook and eat together, consider Indy’s Kitchen with kitchen facilities large enough for a group of 20 and a lovely seating area.

We look forward to hearing about your food business dreams and ideas!

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"As a small business owner Indy's Kitchen is ideal."

Thomas Burnett reviewed Indy's Kitchen — 5 star

March 12, 2018 ·