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WTHR Channel 13
Kitchen Gives Chance for Businesses to grow
October 12, 2011

Kitchen gives chance for businesses to grow
October 7, 2011

Mobile Food Franchises
Big Ideas for Food Businesses are Tested in Indy's Kitchen
August 14, 2011

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard Feature Story
Indy's Kitchen a breeding ground for culinary startups
May 5, 2011

Press Release
Develop Indy Awards Grant to City's First Food Industry Incubator
May 4, 2011

Indianapolis Business Journal
Kitchen Incubator Celebrates Graduation of First User
May 4, 2011

Fox 59
More Mobile Food Trucks Hitting Indy Streets This Spring
April 13, 2011

NUVO Indy's Alternative Voice
Indy's Kitchen, a Culinary incubator, helps small businesses cook local
November 17, 2010

Going Local
Why Foodies and Families are Flocking to Indy's Kitchen
November 11, 2010

Fox 59: Indy's Marketplace Feature (video)
Indy's Kitchen
August 13, 2010

Indianapolis Woman Magazine
Indy's Kitchen: Entrepreneurs open facility for caterers and small-business owners to rent by the hour
August 2010

NUVO Indy's Alternative Voice: Food & Drink Blog
Kitchen for rent (really)
April 6, 2010