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Is there a minimum requirement for using the kitchen each month?

Yes! We require that you use the kitchen for at least 1 hour per month. We want your business to be successful and we feel that setting this minimum will help you to remain active. If you do not use the kitchen for 1 hour per month, you will be charged 1 for off-peak hour.


Do I have to rent dry or cooler storage?

You don't need storage unless you are required by the Board of Health to do so.  Keep in mind any ingredients that are taken home and not left at the kitchen cannot be used again in the future.


When can I use the kitchen?

Once you have completed orientation with us, you can schedule your own time in the kitchen. We are a 24 hour facility, so you can schedule time when it's convenient for you to come in. We offer a deep discount for our customers who come in during the hours of 10pm-6am (off peak).



Why do I have to pay a membership fee?

Our membership fee allows you to have a lower rate than non members (half the cost to be exact). With membership, you have access to our dining room space free of charge, which is a great way to build up your business. 


Do I have to have insurance to use your kitchen?

Yes, you must have a $1 million liability insurance policy (with Indy's Kitchen listed as additional insured) for the duration of your membership with us.  For 1 time event users, you are not required to have insurance, but are required to sign a waiver form.

I'm ready to take my business to the next level!

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